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Gearing your kids up for any adventure

Gearing your kids up for any adventure

Gearing your kids up for any adventure

Gearing your kids up for any adventure

Pioneer. Explorer. Learner. Dreamer. Doer.
Your child can be any or all of them!

Your C.H.I.L.D. is:






The gadgets they use should be too.


All children deserve the best. We’ve seen the range of cute, creative and different clothing and toys available for girls - but don’t necessarily see the same energy (or frequency) when it comes to boys’ items. That and the fact that we have two boys of our own are the main reasons why we created Gear-a-Boy. To make sure that boys get some cool, out-of-the-box stuff too. That being said, our products come in all colours and styles, so they’re suitable for everyone to make sure no one loses out!


Lenosed S4 Tablet

Powerful performance, entertaining as you wish.

This is the new kid on the block! This tablet is versatile as it can be used for both kids and adults alike. With it’s durable flipcover, fast operating system and built-in apps it is definitely a game changer!

Fireman Suit

To the rescue!

If adrenaline is what your little one seeks, then a career in firefighting is right up their alley! Whether saving a kitten from a tree or stopping a blaze in its tracks, your little one’s imagination will run wild in this locally made Fireman Outfit.


Festive Season Deals!

Our incredible festive season items are sure to bring endless happiness and hours of fun, safe, and educational playtime to your little ones' lives! 👉🛒🛍️😀

And many more items!


Who are we?

We’re a parent-duo with two little boys - and we’re here to offer something a little different. We started Gear-a-Boy with the goal to provide reliable service for parents and a variety of stimulating products for kids! We know from first-hand experience that growing up with unconditional love and experience allows you to believe in yourself and chase your dreams. We hope that the products that we carefully source and sell can help light the spark of creativity in the loving environment you have already provided.

Why choose Gear-a-Boy?

We carefully source our products. Everything (and we mean everything) we sell is something we believe in and is loved in our household!

All of our products are personally tried and tested within our family (our boys think it’s Christmas ALL THE TIME!). We would never get them anything that wouldn’t be fun for them, but most of all we would never put them in harm’s way - something we know you can relate to as a parent/family member.

We believe that a little encouragement can go a really long way and will always want our boys to explore their wild and wonderful imaginations. We strive to offer products that encourage this for all children.

We value quality over everything - but offer a variety of ranges so that there’s something affordable for everyone. Running a family comes with enough expenses, we’re not here to add a whole mountain more!

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