Be Safe During The School Holidays

As fun as vacations are it’s also important to be safe during the school holidays.

With school holidays in full swing, the South African Police Service has urged parents to take extra caution to ensure the safety of their children.

The police force shared the following safety tips for parents:

  • Make sure there is a trustworthy adult to supervise the children when you are not at home.
  • Never leave children alone and assume that they are safe because the house is locked.
  • Do not allow children to wander off on their own.
  • Do not leave heaters on, even though the switch might be off. A child might accidentally switch it on.
  • Do not leave candles or matches within reach of children.
  • Keep medication out of reach of children.
  • Make sure your phone is on and your child is able to reach you. Make sure that your child knows your cell phone number.
  • Never leave your children alone in a vehicle.
  • When out and about with your child at a shopping mall, teach your children that if they ever get lost, they should look for security or the closest shop assistant for help.
  • With older children, establish a ‘check first’ rule. They must always check with you first before going anywhere in a public place, including another store or even the restroom and agree on a meeting place ahead of time in case you are separated.

In need of assistance? Contact your nearest police station.

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